Flying Through The Air The PyroFlys Will Thrill And Excited Your Audience With 
Death-Defying Heights, Incredible Drops, & Amazing Aerial Acrobatics!

The PyroFlys Aerial Acrobatics are perfect for extraordinary corporate show, unforgettable wedding or unique party entertainment. The PyroFlys provide death- defying drops and incredible heights to thrill and amaze your guests.

The PyroFlys Aerial Acrobatics are unique, exciting, versatile entertainment. It can be performed as a high-impact choreographed act, or as fabulous ambient/animation entertainment.

The PyroFlys can also provide a portable aerial rig for your event eliminating the hassle of finding a rigging point and rigger at the venue and making it easy entertainment that saves you time and money. Our Rig can go 16 ft, 24 ft, and 30 ft high and needs 20 ft x 20 ft floor space. 

The PyroFlys Aerial Acrobatics can have up to 4 professional performers. The show can be done as one epic performance, two incredible performances, or multiple amazing performances broken up throughout the night.

The PyroFlys are experienced, professionally trained and put safety as priority making their shows suitable for a wide variety of occasions both indoors and outdoors.

Thrill your guests and give them an unforgettable experience!
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“That was the sickest thing ever!  I loved it! Absolutely!  

That's the only reason why I came here"